Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In a Funk

I got a wretched night's sleep last night.

You read that right... it was wretched.

And my current state of sleepiness and fatigue is combining to leave me with a... weird feeling.  Do you ever get those?  Days when things just feel off?

Exhaustion, stress, and anxiety are all mixed together, leaving me with an uneasy feeling that I definitely need to shake.  And it really doesn't help that time feels like it is standing still at the moment.

And my poor husband is left to deal with the numerous texts and e-mails I have been sending him, describing the feeling and asking ridiculous questions.  High maintenance much?  Maybe a little at the moment.  It's ok... He says I'm worth it.

In an effort to distract me from my current malaise, he sent me this picture:

Taylor resting her head on Cotton.  For once.  It's usually the other way around.  More proof that she actually likes him.  The jig is up girlfriend.

And no... he isn't bigger than her.  Optical illusion.


  1. girlfriend! I haven't checked in on you in a while.. all okay? Just fall blues? I've been fending them off myself! And I totally get your apology for the man for having to deal with it. Lol

  2. I hate that feeling! Sometimes when I go on a walk with the dog it's helps, maybe just to be out and clear my head. Hope it goes away soon!

  3. When my cats cuddle now it's hard to remember that they tried to kill each other when I got Abby. Who would have thought a 1.5 lb kitten could cause so much damage?

  4. That is the cutest dog pile I've seen in a while. When my parents got their last puppy, there were some issues with the older dog. Now? If the puppy is gone for boarding, the older dog gets depressed. It's sad, but adorable at the same time.

    Hope you can get soem better sleep!

  5. Maybe it's getting used to the change of seasons or just all the stress from the past months getting out? Whatever, hope you feel better soon.

    And these two, they make me smile everytime, they are so sweet together :-)

  6. Bummer you are having a rough day, glad the husband is making it easier on you! And those pups are so cute!

    I am a new follower through the hop! Excited to follow you! Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)


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