Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brax Time

Since babies aren't going to be in our immediate future (they tend to frown on cancer and pregnancy) and because my uterus is aching for a Baby Janney, I am doing my best to find a suitable subsitute.

Good thing my best friend happens to have one of the cutest baby of all time.

{Smiling with a mouthful of food.  Doesn't this kid have any manners?  :)}

{He is so independent.  That water glass allowed Joanna and I to eat at a leisurely pace.}

He'll do.

It was during this outing that I accidentally taught Braxton how to wipe his hands on his pants.  (Sorry Joanna!).  He would have learned it eventually anyway.
Good thing Brax loves his Aunt Natalie.  I think he will be seeing a lot of me.  :)


  1. Your baby is adorable!

    Check out mines

  2. hmmm. I don't think Nicole took the time to read that long post.

    I love the name Brax! and he is adorable ... even if he isn't yours!!


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