Monday, January 16, 2012

The puppy search is ON!

After we got the news that I did in fact have cancer, Phil finally conceded...

I could get a puppy.

We started thinking of English Bulldogs, but they are REALLY expensive.  AND we want a dog that is active and will be playful when we eventually do have children.  Bulldogs aren't super active.  They certainly wouldn't be able to keep up with Taylor's jumping.

Then we found these:

{All puppy pictures found HERE}

They are SO CUTE!  And when they reach full-size, they are about the size of Taylor, which is perfect.  This particular breed also lacks an undercoat, which means it doesn't shed very much (YAY!).  They are also supposed to have the sweetest temperment.

I am so excited!!  Phil is e-mailing breeders at this very moment.  We are looking for a girl and I am trying to think of a good girl dog name.  I contemplated using "Tim Riggins" even for a girl, but I don't think it fits.  :)


  1. Just found your blg...puppy is soo cute!

  2. this dog is adorable. hopefully you track one down soon!


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