Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jeffrey and the Food Pyramid

We were hanging out with Jeffrey last week, getting dinner.  I asked him what he was going to have as a side dish (we were at Applebee's) and OF COURSE he said french fries.  His reasoning (or perhaps rationalization) for choosing fries was pretty interesting:

"That way I can get my oils."


Jeffrey saw my look of confusion and continued, "We learned about the new food pyramid in school and oils are a part of the food pyramid."

"Aren't oils a small portion of the food pyramid?" I asked.

Jeffrey replied, "Yeah.  But your body needs them to function.  Sugar too."

"Jeffrey, you also need fruits and vegetables.  How many servings of fruits are you supposed to have a day?" my mom asked.

"11 cups."

Yeah I don't think so.

Then Jeffrey said, "I may have had selective hearing when they were talking about fruits and vegetables.

Ya think?!?!

But what he definitely did learn from the lesson on the food pyramid:

Sugars and Oils are essential.

Hopefully his teacher will set him straight on this before he starts thinking french fries and lollipops are vitamins.

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  1. haha, and today they are supposed to release a new nationwide school lunch plan. i guess we will see how right he is!


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