Monday, January 9, 2012

Pigs at the Basketball Game

I am a Trailblazers fan.  My dad started taking me to games in middle school I think.  During the "Gotta Get a Headband" era of Blazer basketball.  In case you aren't familiar with that wonderful musical masterpiece (aka my husband), here it is:

But that isn't the point.

Phil and I went to our first Blazer game last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The first quarter of the game was not so good.  The Blazers couldn't buy a bucket.  But they figured it out and they won.

Because the first half of the game wasn't very good, I was easily distracted by the two men sitting in front of us.  One of them was married (wedding ring on left ring finger), the other didn't appear to be.  The two men decided that rather than watch the game, they would gawk and comment about every single woman that walked up and down the stairs in a 150 foot radius.  This included practically standing up out of their chairs, making totally inappropriate comments, and mocking women who weren't as attractive.

I got super annoyed when after halftime, the married man switched his wedding ring from his left hand to his right hand.  What did he think was going to happen?  He was at a basketball game.  He couldn't exactly take a woman home... where his wife would be.  Was he going to meet her at the bathroom?  Perhaps the stairwell?  Seriously.

Not to mention... this guy was NOT attractive.  He definitely should not have passing judgement on how OTHER people look.

{If this is a familiar view from your seats and you were checking out EVERY woman that walked by, then you should know I think you're an absolute pig and give men a bad rep.}

I feel bad for this guy's wife.  People like that shouldn't be married.  It is how I would imagine my older brother would be if he had gotten married.  It makes me strangely proud of him that he hasn't gotten married.

I informed Phil that if he EVER does something like that... we are talking BIG trouble.

He's never do that.

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