Friday, January 6, 2012

Pillow Talk

In case you didn't know...  I am an civil engineer.  My husband is studying to get is PhD in Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (Toxicologist).  As I'm sure you can imagine, we have some super SEXY conversations.


Water Quality

Environmental Pollution


Plastic Bottles

Organic Food

I thought I would give the general public an opportunity to see some of our bedtime conversations.

Conversation #1
5 days post surgery.  No pain killers.  Almost midnight.  I'm almost asleep.

Me:  My book's a weird size! (with hand gestures)

Phil:  (laughed for about a minute)  Is this Vicodin talking?  Where did that come from?

Me:  Look at it!  It's too tall.

Conversation #2
6 days post surgery.  Still no pain killers.

Me:  Are you glad it is almost jelly bean season? (Easter)

Phil:  Yeah

Me:  Do you like how I referred to jelly beans as if they came into season?  Like they were blueberries or something.

Phil:  Yeah that was nice.

Me:  They do, just so you know.  I used to be a jelly bean farmer.

Phil:  Oh yeah?  You think they grow on trees?

Me:  Of course not!  They're not Skittles.

You're welcome. 

Be jealous.

By the way, Phil thinks I am funnier post-surgery.  If the other side has to come out too, I think I should consider a career in comedy.  I will be UNSTOPPABLE.

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  1. you used to be a jelly bean farmer? that is so cool! lately I've been experimenting with oreos. the golden ones are my favorite, I'm trying my best to get them established in a milk glass and take root.

    I really liked this post! I love reading about peoples' conversations.


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