Monday, January 9, 2012

Janney-isms and Random Thoughts

I dropped a word on my co-workers today they weren't expecting:


as in, "I have picked up this skill (i.e. cooking, cleaning) as a part of my wifery."

Curious looks abound.

Here is the definition:

wifery (wy-fur-ee): The action of being a wife.

I have some other terms as well:

stummy:  A combination of your stomach and your tummy, to be used for an upset stomach which doesn't really have a physical cause (meaning stress/anxiety).  Used in a sentence, "Phil, my stummy hurts."

I don't usually use that one at work.

Dang I can only think of that one.

Other random stuff from today...

They made popcorn again at work today.  Ironically we didn't offer any to our client who was in the office.  So now we are worse than Les Schwab because we make popcorn, don't offer you any, and then eat it in front of you.

Someone found my blog this morning by searching if follicular thyroid cancer (the kind I have) can spread to your brain.  I went from being totally calm to completely freaked out in about .37 seconds.  I'm doing better now.  And in case you were wondering... yes it can.  But mine probably hasn't.

Watching The Bachelor last week really made me miss Phil.  He was downstairs.  I don't make him watch certain shows with me (like The Bachelor and Teen Mom 2), so I usually watch them in bed while he watches what he wants or works or something.  So while I am excited to watch tonight's episode, I am not looking forward to missing Phil.  :(

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