Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here we go...

Last tuesday I gave birth to Ned and Naomi (my thyroid nodules) via C-Section (right hemithyroidectomy).  Today I find out if one or both of my little twins is cancer or not.

I didn't think I was going to be this nervous about the appointment.  After I woke up from my surgery last week, I just felt so relieved.  The whole drive home and that entire night... I just felt this huge sense of relief.  And then when people started asking me if I was anxious having to wait a whole week to find out...

Well now that you mention it... SURE!

At first, it seemed like I wasn't really going to be too affected by it.  Afterall, I had basically already been told I had cancer.  I thought I had gone through the grieving process.

But then the OHSU pathologist gave me some hope.  That really made me hopeful.  I mean, I thought cancer was basically a sure thing and here maybe it wasn't.  Now I keep thinking about just how WONDERFUL it would be for things to come back benign.  That sounds stupid.  Obviously it would be wonderful if I didn't have cancer. 

The likelihood that I would die from complications with thyroid cancer is very small.  So in reality, finding out I have thyroid cancer isn't going to mean I might die or anything (at least the way it has been explained to me by my doctors), it will just be a HUGE pain for the next yearish.

(i.e. babies get delayed EVEN MORE.  We'll have to have a post about that sometime.)

This whole thing started almost exactly 6 months ago.  To finally have an answer and especially if the answer is no cancer... I honestly just can't even describe how that would feel.

After this appointment, at least I will know.  Either way... I will know and we will have a plan of attack.  Either we move towards kicking cancer's ass or we move onto bigger and better things.  At least we will be moving.

I am hopeful.  I am prepared.  I am praying.

Let's do this.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Honestly, the speed with which I update on this will likely depend on what the news is and how I feel about it.  I'll do my best.

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  1. These nodules most likely will be benign, however there is a tiny chance that papillary microcarcinoma (1mm size) could be found in the removed lobe outside of these nodules.


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