Friday, January 13, 2012


I got my second surgery scheduled.  It will be on February 14th.

That's right... Valentine's Day.  Nothing says romance like surgery.  Needless to say, lingerie will not be included in our plans this year.  Unless you count flannel pajamas and sweat pants as lingerie.

Much longer and I am going to get really negative feelings towards holidays:

  • Found out I had cancer 2 days before Thanksgiving. 
  • Had my first surgery 2 days after Christmas.
  • 2nd surgery on Valentine's Day.

My birthday is only a few days after Valentine's Day, so that could be awesome as well.  They offered to do the surgery after my birthday, but I want to get it done as soon as I can.  Plus there is a part of me that wants to get all of my thyroid out during my 26th year of life.  Then I can spend my 27th year of life radioactive.

At this pace, I may be going through my radioactive iodine treatment on my wedding anniversary.  Phil and I were talking about going to dinner on our anniversary, but having to be 6 feet apart.  We would have to drive separate cars to the restaurant and then sit at separate tables.  It would be ROMANTIC.  Is the traditional gift for the 2nd anniversary a lead vest?

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  1. Oh wow lady it sounds like lots going on...I had thyroid surgery last year so this definitely touched home for me. Be strong! Send me an email if you have any questions.


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