Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeffrey's Life Plan

Jeffrey has figured out his life plan.  At 8 years old, he has it ALL figured out.

He is going to get married and have 6 children.  If his wife can only have 1 child, he will adopt the other 5.

Sounds expensive, right?

Don't worry.  Before he gets married he is going to go to culinary school and have a successful chef career.  He is also going to buy a jet pack and dismantle it.  Then he will buy some scrap metal to produce and sell his hover cars.  Once he has invented and sold some hover cars, he will begin work on his time machine.

So you see, buy the time he gets married, he will have quite a bit of money.

After he gets married, he will buy my parents' house.  He will pay for them to live in an assisted living facility for 2 year and then they are on their own.  He is going to knock down the wall between his current bedroom and the bathroom to make a bigger room.  Then he will knock down the wall between the other 2 bedrooms to make those one big room.  He will then construct bathrooms in each of the bedrooms and put 2 bunk beds in each room.

Then he is going to put in an elevator up to what is currently my parents' bedroom and replace the stairs with an escalator.  That way he will NEVER need to go up stairs.

He is also going build 3 stories DOWN into the ground.

I informed him I will not be engineering this for him.  He already thought of that... He is going to build a engineering robot.  And because he is probably going to need to know engineering in order to program the robot, he will go to engineering school as well.  That way he can be an engineer AND a chef.  But he will always take Sundays off to spend with his kids.

Inventor, Chef, Engineer, Family Man...

At least the kid has a plan.

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