Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Dolphin Tale

After church, my sister-in-law, Stephanie, was holding two plastic dolphins.  My parents, Phil and I were all, "What's with the dolphins?"

Stephanie told us this story...

They have been watching "Dolphin Tale" at their house and David is apparently REALLY into it.  He is so into it that he took his two plastic dolphin figurines and tried to make them match the dolphin in the movie.  That meant needing to remove the tails.  He go as far as finding scissors and then Stephanie stopped him.  She explained to him that in the movie, the dolphin eventually gets a tail so he shouldn't cut the tails off.

{image source HERE}

David took the dolphins to church with him and as he was going into sunday school, Stephanie told him he couldn't take them in with him.  She was afraid he would do tail amputation during sunday school.

I think it is super cute that he was trying to make the dolphins match.  I'm only slightly concerned that what David took from the movie is that dolphins need to have their tails cut off.

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