Friday, January 20, 2012

Ten Little Things, vol. 3

E is hosting another link-up today and after several moments of "oh crap there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I can come up with ten things" I decided I will give it a whirl.  I still think the first and second lists I made are better though.  Just fair warning.

10.  It has been raining A LOT here in Oregon.  Shocking, I know.  Oregonians are used to a little bit of rain a lot of the time, not a lot of rain in a little bit of time.  So now we are all worried about flooding.  Freaky.  It freaks me out a little more because I am a civil engineer and part of my job is to calculate detention storage, drainage systems, and grading so that things (like houses) don't flood.  Watching my boss freak out and frantically check out projects he did 10 or 20 years ago does not make me super excited for my stress level in the future.

9.  Today is the 5th anniversary of the death of Phil's brother.  Every year, I try to prepare myself for how Phil will act because I can not relate to such a tragedy.  I have no idea what it is like to lose a sibling (thank goodness).  In the past, Phil and I have gone out to eat for a steak dinner on this day (something his brother really enjoyed doing).  Last year, Phil decided he wanted to change that tradition and rather than go on the day his brother died, he wants to go get a steak dinner on his birthday.  I think that is MAJOR progress in his grief and I am so proud of him.  So tonight, we are going to the Mongolian Grill and going to a movie. 

I never got to meet Nick (Phil's brother.  I also have a brother named Nick), but Phil says I would have liked him.

8.  Our puppy search is going well!  We found 2 breeders that we are really excited to work with.  We filled out the applications and I think Phil sent them to the breeders.  We are SUPER excited.  All this talk of getting another puppy has caused Taylor to get showered with love and affection.  I'd say it is a win/win for everyone.

Don't forget to vote on a name for the puppy!

7.  Last Friday night, Phil was going to be late coming home from school so I decided to go to the gym (for the first time in a long time).  I figurded the gym would be empty... NOPE.  There were so many people there.  And my neck was all, "What is this crap?!?"  I haven't been back since.  Maybe tomorrow.

6.  Last Saturday Phil and I went to an early dinner at Red Robin.  We sat in the bar (no wait) at a booth.  We both ordered our food and were eating in peace, despite the group of men sitting at the bar watching the 49ers game.  They were all rooting for the 49ers like they were betting on it or something.  We are talking lots of hooping and hollering and "up top!".  It was super annoying.  I wanted to tell them, "You're not at a sports bar.  Stop."  After several annoyed glances over at them, I noticed they each had like 3 milkshake glasses in front of them.  We were about done eating when Phil told me to look over at them...  The largest guy's pants had slipped down and he hairy crack was hanging out for the world to see.  It was bad.  And I don't mean that in a judgemental kind of way, but in a "please don't show me your pooper while I am trying to eat" kind of way.  Needless to say, I was done eating after that and it still took the waiter 15 minutes to bring us our check.  For every minute that guy emulated a plumber, the tip dropped.

5.  After Red Robin, we went to my brother's house and played canasta.  David (my youngest nephew) and I also played Disney Headbanz.  He is way better at it than I am.  We also made up a new super hero.  David is so stinkin' hilarious and cute.  There are some good David stories HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

4.  I haven't talked about it much on here, but part of my thyroid cancer treatment will include radioactive iodine.  That will happen about 12 weeks after my holiday surgery.  To prepare for this, I have to be off my thyroid meds and on a low-iodine diet for 4 weeks.  "What foods is iodine in?" you might ask.  Apparently lots.  Iodinized salt, everything from the sea, meat, dairy, some beans,egg yolks, soy, red dye #3.  Basically I will be eating a lot of salads, no processed food (not hard since we don't do much of that now), 5 oz. of meat a day, only 4 servings of grains a day, a lot of fruits/veggies.  It will be super healthy which is good since I will have no metabolism.  But the thought of no milk makes me want to cry a little.  It will be fine.  I'll do it because I have to do.  Besides, I am rewarding myself afterwards with a puppy.  :)

3.  I have struggled a little bit with blogging lately.  I read a lot of blogs and so many of them show the absolute flawless life of the blogger.  Everything perfectly in its place.  Everything going totally according to plan.  And that is really hard for me right now, where nothing is going the way I had planned it.  And some of these blogs and a ton of followers!  It feels like high school all over again, where everyone wants to be and wants to be friends with the popular girl.  I was not the popular girl then and I am not now either.  But I realized this week that this blog has been a real blessing lately.  I have made some good friends through this blog.  Friends that have reached out to me and helped me during this cancer stuff.  Friends who have had thyroid cancer and have answered A TON of my questions and concerns and have asked others to pray for me.  And while I may not have a ton of followered, I have super high quality blog friends.  And I think that is MUCH better.

2.  Joanna sent me this video last night.  Braxton likes the sound of his dad tenderizing meat.  It is like his own personal dance beat.  I expect tickets when he is a contenstant on "So You Think You Can Dance."

1.  I bought new mascara about a month ago and put it in my purse.  Since then, I keep forgetting to take it out of my purse and put it with my makeup.  So every morning I put on my makeup and think to myself, "Oh dang!  My mascara is still in my purse!  It's ok, I'll put it on when I get to the office.  Or while driving.  Whatever."  Then I drive to work and get to work and forget to put it on.  Then at about 3 in the afternoon, I have a meeting or something and remember I don't have any mascara on.  At that point, why bother?  But you know it looks really weird to have dark eye shadow on with no mascara.  I just need to move my mascara.  We'll see if that happens.

This is my 200th post.  I think that is cool. 

This was by far my lamest Ten Little Things post.  I'm sorry.


  1. I don't think this post was lame at all! In fact, I'm so incredibly happy Dweej pointed me in your direction, because your just the kind of blogger I love to read...and I'm picky. You're honest and sincere, and your writing style is fun to read. You rock! I struggle with blogging, too...I talked about that today in don't feel alone. It's hard not being Miss Popular (especially if you went through that in high school, too...and I did), but there are SO many sincere and nice people out there that make up for the lousy ones who don't see how awesome you really are. And you have a follower in me, that's for dang sure!

    I'm so sorry about your husband's brother. I think it's amazing that you guys honor him in that way every year. I have a friend who is struggling with the loss of his mother, and I'm going to share your idea with him.

  2. I voted for your new puppy's name...I chose case you were wondering :)


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